raado gujarati movie


This Gujarati film will have the popular heartthrob Yash Soni in the leading role. The film will be written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik who has given previous big hits like Karsandas Pay & Use and Chello Divas. The film is slated for a Diwali 2021 release.

Written & Directed By - Mr. Krishnadev Yagnik

Produced By - Munna Shukul & Jayesh Patel

Banner - Shukul Showbiz in association with Big Box Series

Starring - Yash Soni

chasani gujarati movie

Chasani-Mitash Zindagi Ni

This Gujarati blockbuster film is an interesting story of love and the need to express it. The story runs in three tracks and each one links with the others to put forward a tale of romance and companionship.

Directed By - Abhinn-Manthan

Produced By - Munna Shukul, Jayesh Patel, Shikha Sharma

Banner - Shukul Showbiz in association with Sagar S Sharma Productions

Written By - Virender Vashisht, Abhinn-Manthan

Editor - Bharat S Raawat

D.O.P - Tapan Vyas

Music - Prashant Satose

Starring - Manoj Joshi, Sejal Shah, Divyang Thakkar, Maira Doshi, Ojas Rawal

Awards & Nominations

  • Best Emerging Film Of The Year 2020 Award At Toronto GIFA (Gujarati Iconic Film Festival Awards)
  • 4 Awards at Gujarati Iconic Film Awards, GIFA 2019
  • Best Movie GIFA Award Of The Year 2019- Chasani
  • Best Newcomer Actress GIFA Award Of The Year 2019- Maira Doshi
  • Best Editor GIFA Award Of The Year 2019- Bharat S Raawat & Nidhi Rawat
  • Best Story GIFA Award Of The Year 2019- Veer Vashisht, Manthan Purohit, Abhinn Sharma
mitranu shauk da hathiyaranda

Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathyaran Da

This is a Punjabi film of four friends and their fascination for power. But an incident makes them realize their mistake and they decide to change their ways. This story is about the love for power and gun and the final consequence of it.

Directed By - Mr. Sagar S Sharma

Produced By - Munna Shukul, Jayesh Patel, Shikha Sharma, Harinder Saini

Banner - Shukul Showbiz, Sagar S Sharma Production, UV Motion Pictures, H S R Entertainment

D.O.P - Mahesh Sarojini Rajan

Creative Producers - Abhinn-Manthan

Edited By - Bharat S Raawat

Written By - Kumar Ajay

Music By - Jaggi Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Tarun Rishi

Starring - Siddhi Ahuja, Preet Baath, Deep Joshi, Veer Vashisht, Kumar Ajay, Keetika, Sagar Sharma, Satwant Kaur

Awards & Nominations

  • Nominated in 4 categories in the PTC Punjabi Film Awards 2020 with one category receiving a double nomination.
  • Best Action (Vishal Bhargav & Singh Is King)
  • Best Performance in Negative Role (Sagar S Sharma)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Satwant Kaur)
  • Filmy Yaar Of The Year (Preet Baath/ Deep Joshi & Kumar Ajay/ Veer Vashisht)