Why Nothing Beats A Movie-Watching Experience In The Theatre

No, we aren’t talking about the rates of Cola and popcorns here. We are genuinely interested in telling you why buying a movie ticket in the theatre still holds good in spite of the influx of streaming channels or the home theatre experience.

1. The big screen, a surreal feeling

Take it from us, a home theatre nowhere will even come close to giving you the big-screen viewing experience. Sitting in the balcony seat, munching popcorn, sipping cola and watching the large screen come to life and keeping you glued to it for more than 2 hours is a pure thrill, nothing less. Your mobile or TV cannot give you the same feeling, never.

2. Crowd with you

What is the fun in watching a movie sitting at home alone or with just a few friends? A theatre is filled with people who express emotions in full. Whether it is a fight sequence, romance or comedy, they laugh, hoot, whistle, shout or cry with you. In a theatre, no one is a stranger. All are one big family of cinema lovers whether it is your friends or random strangers.

3. Full focus on the film

In a movie theatre, you have no distractions about your home or your work. You know that you have complete time just to watch the film and it is then that you enjoy it thoroughly.

4. Mind-boggling sound effects

The sound effect of a theatre is massive. It raises the film-watching experience to a whole new level. It captures your senses and makes you feel as if you are a part of the film. A horror film’s scariness is amplified as also an action film’s fight or chase sequences. A home theatre, your mobile or TV screen cannot match this decibel experience.

5. Some munch in alone time

Watching a movie in a theatre gives you your time- a time when you can sit back and relax without having to worry about your kids, home or work. Cola and popcorn, how can we miss that? Yes, agreed, these are expensive in some theatres but if you have family and friends with you, it is fun to share some popcorn while watching the film.

The production houses all over the world work tirelessly to bring alive the magic of cinema in theatres. Shukul Showbiz is a production house that strives to bring cinematic experience live to you. It has produced films that give you an awesome experience when you watch it in theatres.

So what do you think about watching cinema in a theatre? It is not just about munching popcorn. It is an experience that has to be felt to be enjoyed. There is nothing like watching a good cinema on the big screen. And we bet, nothing has come close to beating that experience yet.