About Us

At Shukul Showbiz, we not only invest in films but in the journey of making films and beyond. We love when the audience and the critics shower love on us. The process, the details, the grandeur sets, the editing room, the hustle & bustle- all these multitude of elements amalgamate into one splendid film on celluloid that transcends language, culture and religion and showcases only one element- pure entertainment.

Shukul Showbiz is a leading full service production company with an experience spanning 2 diverse language films and still counting on many more. Our portfolio includes entertainment, videos, event production, TV, webseries and music. Shukul Showbiz specializes in entertainment for the family and creates movies that spark the imagination and delight all generations.

The Shukul Showbiz Production Company has firmly anchored itself as one of the premier homes for entertaining independent films. We collaborate with filmmakers to bring forth their creative ideas. We seek innovative stories and storytellers.

We create entertaining films and the onus is always on quality and the unique vision of the filmmaker. In such a short span of establishment we have had commercial achievements that are a proof of our vision and aim and we look forward to a more promising future.

Our Director

Mr. Munna Shukul

As director of Shukul Showbiz, Mr. Munna Shukul along with his capable team has handled everything from movie monetization, distribution, strategy negotiations and opportunities across the global marketplace.

Enhanced by hundreds of close industry relationships, Mr. Munna Shukul has always ensured that he puts together the right people and the right stuff to deliver the best scale production.


We care for our audience preference and that is why we take the initiative to understand what they need and we work towards it as a team. We are a production house that dwells on passion and creativity. In pursuit of excellence, we are constantly pushing the bar and we never settle for anything less.


Shukul Showbiz is on a vision to consistently provide entertaining content to the audience so that they get a delightful cinema experience. Our cinematic journey initializes from storytelling and completes with audience reaction. Our film stories reflect our vision of clean entertainment.